• I particularly liked the One-On-One hour long private sessions... - Mr. Jarrell
  • In short, each patient may expect that the norm will be the highest standards of the PT profession.... - Neal [Diagnosis - Shoulder injury]
  • Satisfied with the therapy, got to walking and will let other people know about Body Kinetics Rehab - William L. [Diagnosis Parkinson's]
  • Knowledgeable, attentive staff. Study patient's current motion and tailor exercises accordingly...
  • Close follow-up on private sessions' exercises. Careful to take patient's limitations into account. Friendly, relaxed atmosphere." - Paul
  • I would highly recommend Body Kinetics Rehab - Mr. Jarrell
  • Body Kinetics Rehab helped me work through several problems with my artificial leg, including going with me to my orthopedist and prosthetist to talk with them about my hip pain
  • It was so helpful to find a PT with special interest and knowledge in working with amputees - Mary R. [Diagnosis: Amputation]
  • Always a positive experience for my patients -  Neurology MD ​​.


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